Why Leading Brands Choose Hoot for Companies

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Make the #1 online tutoring platform that specializes in reading your newest employee benefit. 


Brand Loyalty

Go above and beyond traditional benefits and think outside the box. Show your parent employees you truly care for them and their families, and in return receive dedication and loyalty from them for years to come. 



The great resignation is having a huge impact on business and retaining your workforce is more important than ever before. Set your business apart with an investment in education for future generations, to attract and retain top talent. 


Wellness & Health

Stress is at an all-time high and burnout is impacting employees at rates not previously seen. Reduce stress and enhance overall mental wellness by supporting the academic success of your employees’ children. 


Forward Thinking

The pandemic has caused working parents, specifically mothers, to make the difficult decision to leave the workforce. Help support a better work-life balance and take some of the pressure and stress off your working parent population. 


Employee Engagement

Employees that feel appreciated and cared about are more likely to be engaged, productive, and to recommend their workplace to others. Provide caregivers with an innovative reward that addresses a real need and impacts job satisfaction. 


Consumption Based

Our model is completely consumption based, so you only pay for what is used. An affordable option for employers who want to offer a unique benefit to their workforce, without taking any risk.

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