Why is Hoot for Companies so important?

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Working parents have always had to juggle their roles at the office and at home. With many homes and offices now merged, parents are experiencing unique challenges, including taking on new responsibilities, especially as it relates to their children’s care and education.

Recent reports show that 26 percent of working parents with children under 10 are considering leaving the workforce and another 30 percent are considering downshifting their careers. Over the past year, working mothers in particular have been affected, with 4x as many women leaving the workforce than men in order to manage child-related responsibilities. Research confirms that children have fallen up to a year behind due to disruptive learning, leaving parents overwhelmed and desperate for educational resources that support learning recovery, to help their kids get back on track.

Hoot For Companies is an innovative solution that directly supports your company’s working parent and caregiver population, through a relevant company benefit that working parents urgently need. Our program delivers effective, 1:1 tutoring lessons to your employees’ children, giving working parents the relief and support they need to be impactful, productive contributors to your organization.

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