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Reading is everything

The world continues to evolve; handwriting is a lost art, bookstores can’t stay open, and kids can text faster than they can type. But one thing we know will not change is that reading is fundamental to all aspects of our lives. Ensuring your child is reading proficiently by Grade 4 is critical so they can make the leap from learning to read to reading to learn.


Technology can enhance learning

As an EdTech startup, we are inspired by the potential that technology brings for teaching and learning. All “screen time” is not created equally. We believe that technology paired with human interaction has incredible potential to help students learn in new, unique ways.


Practice builds confidence

Like all new skills, learning to read is hard. It takes a lot of practice, in and out of the classroom. Despite a child’s ability, home reading time is often missed or can turn into a battle. We believe it’s important for kids to experience the confidence that comes with mastering a book. Reading should be a fun and positive experience. Practice will build confidence, confidence will bring performance, and performance will make learning feel less like work!


Read at the right level

Today’s culture can create high expectations for kids. Early mastery of reading sometimes positively predicts future reading skills, but parents must remember that all children learn at their own pace. We often hear from parents who are concerned about grade level and we remind them that grade level varies from country to country and state to state. We encourage development in all reading areas – decoding, fluency and comprehension. Even if your child is struggling, with the right intervention and practice they can catch up and keep up!


It takes a team

Your child needs a team and so do you! When parents and teachers work together, everybody wins. If your child is struggling or not fulfilling their potential, communication is critical. We hope to provide opportunities for affordable and quality reading that offer a 360 degree learning environment.

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