What types of literacy tutoring does Hoot Reading offer?

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We have a program for every reader, at every level. Find your fit today!



Advance your child's learning success


Kindergarten through grade four are critical years in a child’s education. Hoot Enrich gives kids a boost in their reading skills, which are critical for academic performance. Our personalized program, with qualified teachers, is designed to enhance your child’s reading fluency, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities, all while building vocabulary and confidence. 

Perfect for kids in K through grade 4 who are curious and need a challenge – our enrichment reading program will accelerate and broaden your child’s learning.



Strengthen your child's fundamental reading skills


Hoot Tutor works with students to help them increase their reading confidence. Our personalized program supports kids who are reluctant to read and experiencing difficulties. We adapt to where your child is today and build on the skills they need.

Our program is perfect for kids of all ages who need a personalized and adaptive approach, and is also well suited for children with attention, focus and learning differences.

Hoot Reading ensures:

  • Development of phonological awareness, letter and sound connections
  • Exposure and repetition of frequent words and various spellings
  • Advancement of fluency and oral expression through engaging text
  • Focus on comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Focus on sound segmenting and blending
  • Improved phonemic process skills



Jumpstart your child's early learning success

Our Hoot Junior program leverages technology in the home to connect kids with experienced teachers, creating a human touch that cannot be replaced by traditional learning Apps. The teachers on our network are elementary school teachers who will use proven techniques to build your child’s early reading skills. 

Hoot Junior is perfect for jumpstarting your pre-school aged child’s reading success and providing them with learning skills to be ready to enter school. Help encourage their interest in books and learning their letter sounds. Our short, 20 minute online lessons are perfect to keep young, curious minds engaged and focused.

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