What are Hoot Reading lessons?

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Hoot Reading is the leading online tutoring service providing 1:1, evidence-based literacy instruction with qualified teachers, at scale. Through a unique combination of tutors, technology, pedagogy, assessments, and library content, we promise transformational impact through easy to implement and flexible lessons that meet the needs of your district, school, or organization.

Lessons take place online over the Hoot Reading app on a laptop, tablet, or computer (with video chat capabilities), and a Wi-Fi connection. Lessons can be booked at flexible times, including before, during, or after school hours, at frequency intervals based on the needs of the student and the preferences of the district, school, parent, or organization.

Instruction is delivered by tutors on the Hoot Reading Teacher Network. Tutors are 100% qualified teachers all with bachelors, masters, or PhD in education. Each teacher has specific professional development and pedagogical expertise that help them skillfully tailor and deliver content to students while building student’s confidence. This knowledge helps them deliver personalized lesson planning and build upon the unique strengths of the student.

Hoot Reading lessons follow an evidence-based teaching model to provide reading instruction
to students that aligns with a Structured Literacy approach. Teachers work with each individual student to assess their needs as a reader and provide data-drive instruction in the two key areas of reading development; word-level reading (decoding) and language comprehension, in accordance with the large body of research commonly known as the Science of Reading.

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