How to join your Hoot Reading lesson

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Before the scheduled lesson time, be sure to connect your device to wifi and log in to the Hoot Reading app.

Once the student is logged in to their profile, go to their Schedule or Library page. Ten (10) minutes before the lesson start time, the join lesson button will appear next to their lesson on the Library and/or on their schedule. They can join the lesson whenever they are ready.

A get ready window will appear to make sure their audio and video are configured properly. You can also navigate to the student's Settings in the app to configure their audio and video at any time. Once audio and video are successfully enabled and your student can see themselves in the get ready window, the student can press join lessons again to connect with their teacher.

If a student joins before their teacher, they will see a message in place of their video that indicates they are still waiting on their teacher.

If needed, the student can leave and re-join the lesson at anytime before the lesson end time. Once the lesson has ended there will no longer be a button available to join the lesson.

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