What Are the Technology Requirements?

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Hoot Reading is a browser-based app that requires a reliable device with a front-facing camera and microphone and a stable internet connection.


Device & Browser Support

Hoot Reading is best experienced from a laptop or desktop computer using Google Chrome web browser. Chrome offers superior video quality and additional background noise cancellation that Safari, Firefox, and Edge do not support.

Hoot Reading can also be accessed from the browser of an iPad or other tablet. iPads must be running iPadOS 15 or greater. Tablet screen size must exceed 10.7 inches (iPad Air is the minimum screen size recommended).

Hoot Reading does not support lessons on mobile devices or smartphones.


Internet Requirements

Hoot Reading requires stable internet connection for successful lessons. At least 10 mbps download speed is recommended for the best experience, however Hoot Reading can be run at anything above 1 mbps.

Where possible, a wired connection is recommended to minimize disruptions.

Internet speed can be tested with www.fast.com and/or www.speedtest.net.


Other Recommendations

Use headphones and microphones to limit background noise and reduce distractions.

Ensure the device being used for lessons has sufficient battery before a lesson begins. Connecting to a power source before the lesson begins is recommended.


Login to the Hoot Reading app here.

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