Why does Hoot Reading have a network of teachers?

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Nation-wide staffing shortages leave children lacking the equitable access to teachers they need to eliminate the opportunity gap. These staffing shortages are expected to worsen with over half of teachers reporting burnout and weekly hours increasing to 54 hours per week. In the United States, the teacher-to-student ratio average is 1:15. This ratio intensifies in under-resourced and historically excluded communities. This makes it difficult for students to access the individualized reading attention they require to succeed.

This is why Hoot Reading has a network of 100% qualified teachers equipped to teach with high fidelity while building student’s confidence. The Hoot Reading teacher network includes over 700+ qualified teachers who hold a bachelors, masters, or PhD in education, enabling them to complement a teacher’s work in the classroom saving them 120+ hours per classroom year. Time saved, coupled with improved student impact, can minimize burnout and work towards solving district-wide capacity.

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